Saturday, 18 July 2015

Stamping, sparkly stars and strawberries - a perfect recipe for a card class!

Hello, today I want to share with you some photographs taken at my class on Thursday. It was such a lovely morning, we all had such fun - shame that a couple of my lovely regulars couldn't make this one - you were missed, ladies! 

I had already planned for us to make a Christmas card using some of the English Garden papers, however, when I saw the Weekly Deals announced on Wednesday morning, I decided to challenge myself to make a Christmas card using several of the items that are on offer this week and was so pleased with what I came up with that I went with the new card design. The English Garden Christmas card will wait until the next class!

Normally, I bake cakes for my card class, but I had a double epic fail on Wednesday evening - firstly I was so busy doing other things that I only realised at about 10.30pm that I had forgotten to bake the cakes, "no problem", I thought, "I'll just bake the cupcakes now; won't take long..." Hmm... went to the cupboard to get out the ingredients and realised to my horror that I had run out of flour! Nooo! I use gluten-free flour, but I thought, "no problem, I'll just go and buy some normal flour from the corner shop and just not eat any myself..." Nope! Too late - the corner shop shuts at 10.30pm... So, what's a girl to do? Raid the fridge and take some beautiful English strawberries instead! Yum! Can't beat British strawberries at this time of year!

They were SO good - and as they had been out of the 'fridge for a while before we ate them, mid-class, they seemed extra delicious and packed with flavour! Yum! Just what we needed, with our cuppas after making the first card!

Here are the cards that my ladies made. I have wanted to do this type of fold for a while now and decided to use the Stars Framelits to cut the window out instead of the more traditional square or circle. I love how each person's card is different - the one on the bottom right is going to be a birthday card for a male, so it shows how versatile the card can be!

This next two photographs show what the card looks like from above, so you can see how it stands up and how the mechanism works! 

I love how the stars all look so different. That Everyday Chic Designer Washi Tape is just gorgeous - and, like the Stars Framelits, it is in this week's Weekly deals too! As are the gorgeous Metal-rimmed Pearls that can be seen in the centre most of the stars above.

Here is another shot of those yummy strawberries, along with the card I made!

The black stars and the sentiment are from the Festival Of Trees stamp set and the silver sparkle is courtesy of the Silver Glimmer Paper. Love that stuff!

Anyway that is it for today - I am running a bit late today, so, sorry that this is a bit rushed and shorter than my normal posts.

You can look at the Weekly Deals here. Don't forget if you place an order online with me before the end of July 2015 and you use the hostess code of FQZ4JER4 (and don't choose the "no contact" option!) then I will send you a little thank you gift in the post in August!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read through my post today.

Until next time, happy crafting everyone!

Lucy x

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